How to Claim Land with the Grief Prevention Minecraft Server Plugin03:20

How to Claim Land with the Grief Prevention Minecraft Server Plugin

Video Guide by BigScary

Griefprevention is one of the plugins used in Cronus that allows players to claim land for themselves to protect their homes and other builds from potential griefs.

Claiming Land and other CommandsEdit

  • Minimum space Claimable is 10x10 blocks
  • Maximum number of blocks claimable increases as you spend more time online.
  • A golden shovel is used for claiming.
  • Identify two blocks at each edge of the area you want to claim.
  • Right click with your golden shovel each block and the claim is made.
  • Do not be alarmed by glowstone and golden blocks appearing, these are simply indicators of how large your claim is. To stop these indicators from appearing, use a stick and right click outside your claim.
  • In the claim made, no one can build, remove items or kill mobs except the owner.
  • You can give other players access to the claim by using the command /trust <playername>.
  • To un-claim a claimed area, do /abandonclaim whilst standing in the area you decide to un-claim.


  • To identify how many blocks you can claim, hold your golden shovel and right click.
  • The initial number of blocks claimable is 100.
  • The maximum number of claimable blocks increases as you spent more time online on the server.

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