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Spawn building
The Spawn Building
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Welcome to the Cronus RPG WikiEdit

Welcome the official Cronus wiki!

Cronus is a friendly, anti-grief and fun Minecraft server with welcoming players and helpful staff! In this wiki, you will find tips, screenshots, and information about our server! Remember to keep your contributions appropriate, respectful, and on-topic. 

What is there in Cronus?Edit

We have towns, Nether, events like Zombie Escape, player shops, and more, with even more being added each day!

Towns:                   Edit

Basic Town info         




Main article: Events

Events were created to promote teamwork and to just have fun on the server. There are plenty to choose from, and some are always open! Please bear in mind that some events need an Events Moderator to work.

Player shops:Edit

Main article: Player shops

Player shops were introduced to promote trading and making it easier to earn money.

Helpful Links Edit

Server Website



Our Server IP

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