There are tons of things that come with the essentials plugin.


Here are some essentials commands.

  • /afk (To say that you are away from keyboard or not there.)
  • /back (To go back to your last teleport.)
  • /balance (States the current money of the player.)
  • /balancetop (To see who has the most money on Cronus.)
  • /home (Teleports you to your set home.)
  • /list (To see all players on the server.)
  • /mail <player> <message> (To send a message to a certain player.)
  • /msg (Sends a private message to a person online in the server.)
  • /suicide (To kill yourself.)
  • /tpa <player> (To send a request for a teleport to a player.)
  • /tpahere <player> (To send a request for a player to teleport to you.)
  • /warp <warp> (To warp to a set location.)
  • /spawn (To teleport the the server spawn.)

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